It's all Victor's fault.

Halloween Day 2009: Jared and Suzanne's mutual friend Victor (aka Cupid) asked them to help pack up his condo as he prepared to embark on a global adventure. Although Jared and Suzanne knew Victor from working at Nordstrom, they didn't meet until Victor's moving day.

After they finished loading up the U-Haul, they checked Victor's fridge for the beers one would customarily serve friends who've just schlepped boxes of your crap. No beers. Are you going to order a pizza, at least?, they asked. Nuh-uh. Victor had to hit the road. Jared and Suzanne had a good laugh over Victor's breach of moving protocol (a story that's been retold many times -- sorry, Victor), called it a day and parted ways. 

Jared and Suzanne would sometimes make excuses to see each other around Nordstrom HQ -- all very professional. And then they started going to shows together, both big fans of live music. They have excellent taste. These were not dates, however. 

Skip to February 13, 2010: Their first real date was at Dancing on the Valentine, an annual cover show and fundraising event hosted by their lovely and talented friend Jenny. The theme that year was David Bowie.

They danced. They sang. And they finally kissed, making it official. 

Five+ years of adventures later, they're excited to make it officially official, with their friends and family in attendance. 

-- xo --